Paper trading

We offer stock-lot, damaged, second and first class side reels paper. With over 15.000 m2 of warehouse space we are able to store around 5000 tons of paper ready to be converted or sold "as is".

We mostly trade with food grade papers, silicone coated baking paper, greaseproof paper, lwc paper, thermal - 56-90gsm paper, carbonless white and colored paper, natural and bleached kraft paper and different qualities of coated and uncoated papers.

We supply stock lots and side reels from paper mills, print houses and insurance companies from Western Europe. Our main markets are all Balkan countries ,Turkey and Middle East.

Please feel free to contact us in order to request our most up to date stock list.

Paper bags

BA Company is market leader in Macedonia for production of flat and satchel paper bags for bread production companies, bakeries,  cookie shops, book stores, and restaurants.


At the beginning of 2012 our production capacity was increased to 10.000.000 bags per month. We have invested in state of the art paper bag production machine with tearing off technology, four color flexo, window unit and most important hole-puncher for the production of wicked bags for automated bread packaging.

Laminated, Greaseproof paper & Silicone Baking

BA Company is the market leader in Macedonia for production of laminated, greaseproof packaging paper and silicone baking paper sheets. Our production capacity is around 200 metric tons per month.

You can choose your paper design from our many neutral designs or bring your own. We can print up to three colors and centralized image in 100cm width.

Our baking paper is 2 side silicone coated in 39-41gsm, in reels of 38cm or sheets 40x60cm and 60x80cm. We have both qualities for single and multiple use baking. Its natural choice paper with high 'anti stick' properties

Paper converting

    • Sheeting board reels to sheets
    • Sheeting paper reels to sheets
    • Rewinding board and paper reel-to-reel
    • Guillotining board and paper

With our existing machinery( three  slitters, two sheeters, two guillotines)  we are able to produce a wide range of sheet-sizes, reel widths and reel diameters. Reels with a width up to 260cm, diameter up to 240cm and weight up to 5tones can be handled.

Labels & Thermal cashier reels

BA Company produces flexo printed up to 4 color self-adhesive thermal labels and thermal price tags. We also produce different sizes and varieties of thermal cash rolls for cash machines, POS terminals, and ATM's.


Continuous paper

BA Company produces continues perforated paper printed up to 4 colors for various applications and usages



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