BA Company is on the constant quest to improve its customer services and production quality. Building a sustainable business venture is the main core value for BA Company.

10.03.2015 - BA Company invests in new 2000m2 warehouse located in Haresewinkel, Germany.  We use this warehouse as a main paper collection point before shipping to our clients

20.11.2014 - BA Company invests in complete line for paper tablecloths production. The line embosses, folds, labels, and packs the tablecloths for single use automatically. The maximum capacity is 2 million tablecloths 100cm x 100cm per month

18.05.2013 - BA Company enters the business of waste paper collection. We are proud to announce that new PALM press was installed and is fully functional as from today.

22.07.2012 - BA Company mounts new double rewinding slitter for separation of different kinds of paper together with state of the art sheeter /slitter with width of 160cm for production of A4 copy paper.

15.01.2012 - BA Company mounts new LEMU compact thermal paper machine suitable for the production of cash register, fax, ATM, lottery and similar rolls. With working width of 900mm, we have increased our capacity to 500.000, 5.7mm cash register rolls per month.

13.11.2011 - BA Company opens new production plant. We are happy to announce that HASSP and ISS 9000 standards are implemented and we expect the certification to be finalized by the begining of 2012.

15.03.2011 - BA Company invests in new sheeter for thin paper from 20-100gsm. The sheeter is equiped with photo cell for production of laminated paper with centralized image.

03.05.2011 - The slitting and rewinding department is equiped with one more slitter Jagenberg, working width 180cm and 6 knifes.

05.10.2010 - New paper bag machine Manzoni is brought to BA Company. The capacity of flat & sachel paper bags with four colors increases to 500.000 paper bags per day.


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