BA Company was founded in
1993 as a paper trading and paper converting company in Skopje, Macedonia. Since then it has grown to become one of Macedonian's leading privately owned paper and packaging companies.

Today, BA Company employs 85 people and operates from several sites in Germany, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia, trading and processing more than 6000 metric tons of paper and paper products per year.

BA Company's success is due to long-term market experience, continuous improvement and adaptation to changing market environment.

Looking forward, BA Company is committed to investing and reinvesting in new and better business activities. As of more recently, BA Company's focus is on realization of the potential of its current manufacturing facilities for further investments together with international partners by expanding the business of paper recycling, paper production from pulp and more sophisticated corrugated production line for production and printing of paper boards.    

We recognize the need to offer a local service to businesses in the paper, paper converting, packaging and board industry and we aim to provide quick, reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We listen to our customer needs and use all available resources to improve our services and our products for nearly 20 years.

And we look forward to serving you for the next 20 years and beyond!

We offer one stop shop for super markets, bakeries and butcher shops, supplying all packaging and paper products they need. From paper bags for hot food to thermal price labels and from cashier grocery bags to laminated paper. We have it all.

The whole organization of production is divided into five main parts:

    1. Production of paper bags for bakeries, hot food, super-markets, book stores and other commercial stores.

    2. Production of laminated paper for meat and cheese industry and laminated table sheets for single use.

    3. Paper converting from jumbo reels in smaller reels, and from reels to sheets for the graphic industry and print houses.

    4. Production of thermal self-adhesive labels, thermal price tags and thermal cashear reels

    5. Paper trading


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